Devine, Brendan

Illustration by Brendan Divine

We had a voracious appetite, devouring each other with no consideration for the consequences, thinking only of those deep holes inside of us both that demanded to be filled. We drank each other’s breath. I tasted all of you – each mouthful was more enticing than the last. Your neck was smooth and silky, like a perfect crème brulee. You said that my hair was light and floral. My fingers crunched in your teeth, and your eyes popped in my mouth like grapes. Neither of us wondered if we should turn back, we only plunged forward. Our hunger was overpowering, like those who had not had a crumb in years. Our insides grumbled happily, calling for more of each other. Your blood was nectar, and you said that mine was wine. We grew intoxicated. I chewed on your earlobes, and you sucked on my marrow. I ate your lungs, whipped and light as air, and you ate my kidneys, pulling them out of my back. We gave each other pieces of our minds, first only the parts that are easy to share, then the darker, deeper meat. We hesitated only now, fearful. We ruminated, trying to understand the complex flavors. There was a change. We fed each other our own hearts, and then we were sated. All that was left of us was satisfaction.