Hidden Cove, Devon Butler

She sits in silence watching him, eyes glued to his smile, his movements, his subtle gestures. His emotions etched perfectly into his fine face. She watches.

He sits; laughing, contemplating, smiling. There across from him sits the one he loves. Eyes honey brown and photo perfect. She smiles, she tilts her head, mouth sneering at something he says, eyes focused on his. Hand up, she reaches out to touch his, light, fluttery, instant warmth from hand to heart.

She sighs, she frowns, she looks down to hide the pain and shame. He is smiling so loud, so deafeningly; she is blinded, hurt. He moves hand down length of arm, down to elbow and squeezes gently, lovingly. Movement marked by heat of moment, passion, unflinching love.

Eyes raised under dark lashes, seductive. He is caught in her glance. Slight smile, twisted to one side; hint of a tease, so beautiful. Hair tracing its way down her throat; he wants to be it, wants to feel her skin running underneath the tips of his fingers. Blush, she laughs, glorious, radiant, perfect.

Red cheeks, dreamy look. She can’t look away from him, he seems so unguarded in the moment. Eyes so focused, soft dazed, glazed with affection. No words spoken, just eyes meeting, sharing essence, sharing love, sharing souls. Crinkled lines around eyes, mouth, map of happiness and adventures yet to embark on; dimples ablaze in his rosy cheeks, an oasis in the never-ending desert.

Hair shines, not brown, no, anything but simple brown; chestnut, cherry, chocolate, coffee, tan, russet, auburn, raw and burnt umber, copper, sepia, sienna. All the shades, depending on the light from around her and from her eyes, her face, her warmth. Those honey eyes, those honey eyes; one could drown in the thick, sweetness of them.

His blue eyes ever on her, all shades and shifting from love to adoration to affection to never ending gratitude. Blue, stark blue. She wants to steal all the colour from those eyes; azure, cerulean, cobalt, cornflower, denim, Egyptian, majorelle, maya,

Persian, royal, sky and steel. All flecks are tiny stars, shining from the depths of him, piercing out at all that they encounter. She is shook to her core when his eyes pass over her.

Tender, her touch. She twiddles with his fingers, smiling shyly as she traces her ring finger in hopes. He knows it will be soon and wishes he could do everything she ever wanted in a single second for her. But patience, patience makes life ten times more brilliant when the time comes and her eyes explode with happiness and tears streak down her ruby and white skin.

Hands clasped, soft whispers. She strains to hear his deep voice, that masculine undertone that fills her with a queasy glee; butterflies flipping over in hope. She drifts down again, clouds blown from general direction as she grips table and reality. Silver lining turned out to be rust, fake, nothing but illusion and dreams. Sadness.

Soft kiss, touch of lips, peck. Feels lips burn as he pulls away. Her eyes closed, she looks like a painting; image stamps itself in his mind forever. Goddess, Aphrodite, Heart’s song. He still smells vanilla on the tip of his nose where he traced her cheek. She smiles, shy again, happy.

Heartbreak, always the same.

Euphoric, always the same.

She watches him. Stand, take hand, walk toward door. She wishes she were that hand, that he had looked into her eyes, that the kiss was hers and the smile was hers and the touch was hers. He pulls, happy to be leaving with the one he loves. She sighs, she is not the one, she will never be the one. She is friend, only.

Door opens…door closes.