Fragrances of Life

Gardens and roof tops,
Markets and flower shops,

Flowers are just like us,
Human nature they possess,

A child comes into existence,
So does a bud develop,

Both comprise delicate features,
Form significant part in universe,

One has delicate fingers,
Other has unique petals,

As a child transforms into youth,
The bud too witnesses a growth,

It turns into a beautiful flower,
Its beauty increases each hour,

The youth is provocative,
The fragrance is captivating,

Amid all nurturing,
The two taste the fruits of life,

Some are sweet,
Some are sour,

Youth finds a partner,
Turns into a lover,

Bees like the flower,
Roam around it for nectar,

The bees then prepare honey,
They live and work with harmony,

The two, seem to enjoy the environment,
They get fulfilled every requirement,

Budding, blooming, and blossoming,
They groom up with much caring.