For the Hopeless Romantic Inside of Me.

by Charis Hesketh

You are a hopeless romantic.
You adore romance movies,
Couples’ love stories,
And the way someone looks at their spouse on their wedding day.
You love witnessing first dates,
Awkward hand holding,
And people writing love songs for one another.
You’ve seen fairy tales come true,
Those romance movies come to life,
You’ve seen people finally find the person they have been searching for,
And you hope you will find that one day.
You have also seen romance die,
You’ve seen the fairy tales turn into nightmares,
The love songs turn into break up songs,
Wonderful people treated like dirt,
You’ve seen people who once believed in love forget it ever existed.
And yet you still sit here hoping one day that this hopeless romantic thing will pay off,
That maybe you’ll be the exception to being heartbroken,
That if you go and fall into something as fragile and crazy as love that you won’t get hurt,
Yeah you are just a hopeless romantic.
A hopeless romantic who doubles up as a fool.