Food Photo Essay

Fall Catch – Rock Bass and Inedible Innards

These are images are meant to raise questions about the recreational, consumption and conservation practices in the fishing industry.

The images on the left document the leisurely and recreational aspects of fishing in soft warm sunlight. This is the beginning of the fishing process, starting with the bait. These leisurely images are contrasted by the gruesome decapitated fish once it has been caught and killed, the final step. This shows the fish before it has been cleaned and reached the store shelf, before consumer consumption.

Epicerie Conroy: “Mosquito Bouncer and Store Owner”

Epicerie Conroy is a small grocery store on Allumette Island, Quebec, the only grocery store in a community of 1400 people. Run out of a two story house, it offers local products from farmers daily. This photograph depicts the store owner, Francis Conroy, and long time friend MJ, known by customers as the mosquito bouncer. Although there are next to no mosquitoes in the store, MJ visits the store daily, contributing to the strong sense of community in the small store, centered on local food and farmers.