Fight to Create

I walked onto this campus in September of 2003, a bit terrified, really excited and completely confused, having just moved across the country to attend a university I didn’t know too much about and being your typical confused 19 year old. I’d love to be able to say that everything was perfect; that I was finally surrounded by so many people just like me.

Yeah, not so much. But, maybe I’m not like everyone else? Well, that’s certainly true. I am a trans person, so I walked into Laurier female identified (sort of) and I’m leaving happily male (sort of). Since I don’t want to get too far into Trans 101, allow me a shameless plug for my pride and joy – the WLU Rainbow Centre. Check it out, seriously.

Laurier has changed a lot since 2003, and I’ll bet you want to know what that took – many dedicated people with a lot of passion who were willing to work on very little sleep. Was it worth it? Absolutely. When you find something is missing on this campus, fight to create it. When you want to find your community, check out all the clubs that are at the back of the concourse. Meet the people holding the megaphones, the ones who never take their nose out of books you’ve never heard of, and anyone else who look like they might have something interesting to say. This will probably take your entire experience at Laurier. And, don’t forget to go to class. That’s pretty important too, usually.