Far beneath the conscience

By Brittany Bennett

The light shimmers and glistens from above;
colours switch and flicker.
Every last pore across my body fills.
I am submerged.
I am weightless.
The sounds are muffled and calm;
even my thoughts fade away.
My lungs begin to tighten.
Bubbles escape up the sides of my nose.
Yet, I do not move.
Floating in my peaceful serenity;
my mind lighter than the breeze above the surface.
I can feel pressure lift the top of my skull.
But it’s actually still,
It’s never still.
I am completely surrounded,
Yet I feel so alone.
I didn’t know I could be content on my own.
A fierce scream takes all the air I have left;
producing nothing but a few measly bubbles.
A panic kicks my legs into gear,
and in that moment, the light seems out of reach.
I am in slow motion.
My arms whoosh down.
My neck stretches high.
Out I break back into life, a gasp of air, eyes wide open.
I am here.