Fantasy Cover Art

Fantasy Cover Art


In my wildest fantasies there’s no reason why I shouldn’t combine one of my favourite foods of all time with my favourite topics of all time: Sushi and Sex. Personally as an illustrator I have the most fun painting imagery about the humour in sex, and when it comes to fantasies, it gets even better. If you’re a dirt bag like me, nasty thoughts like these come naturally. I’ve just learned how to embrace it will illustration. Check out my website for more dirty-cool illustrations!

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  1. Gary It’s funny that you don’t know what you don’t know. If you only knew how the banks view clowns like these & what is cimong down the pipe, you would take afar more intelligent tac.This video, with the goof holding a wad of cash is so unprofessional, it is an emberrassment to the real estate industrey, do you really think a bank executive would embrace these guys? Please .

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