Eyes Like Emeralds

Photography by Emily Kennedy

Eyes like emeralds shine framed within a slab of sculpted marble; lips of rouge and cheeks at once flushed and blushing burn red like blood beating through a heart that already belongs to her and is aflame in its desire. Skin of opal calls for caress as the voice in the heart calls for a release the mind cannot countenance. Tangled auburn strands rain a waterfall down slender shoulders and soak a path of beauty by her. Curving scents rise through her and linger on the places she was; rustling sounds hang dripping upon the air in the path she cut. Fingers curve to black nails unknowing and stroke the trap made in their embrace. Lips split by a parted tongue whisper nothings sweet and careless as they choke the air they crawl through. Anticipation swells with scent and sound and poison as he is drawn in. The eyes still shine like suns above feathers floating in an ocean. They fall through the air she corrupted in the place he once was. The trap is sprung, the heart is silent, the mind is empty, the body unbroken, the eyes shine, the feathers fall; they are lost forever.