Escape Cruelty In Our Comunity

Face it – we are back to routines and back to reality. In an effort to make our school days as memorable as possible, consider looking outside the Laurier community and into the larger Kitchener-Waterloo region. In our community there are many that are in need of a little compassion, support and assistance.

Cruelty to animals occurs in our community every day; dogs are continually leashed and left outside, cats are tortuously declawed, abuse runs rampant, and animals of all species are being neglected. In an effort to help support the speechless in our community, the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society offers many services and is always looking for volunteers: that’s where you come in. The KWHS is one of many organizations looking for good people to help out our furry friends. They assist strays and put animals up for adoptionm eventually helping them find a home that suits their individual characteristics and health needs.

The K-W chapter also hosts many events organized to raise money for the cause, such as the Wiggle-Waggle Walkathon & Dogtoberfest. These events are open to people and their pets alike, allowing an atmosphere that accepts companion animals and simultaneously raises money for a great cause. If you are looking to meet others who are interested in the cause, there couldn’t be a better place.

Although volunteering can get a bad rep, helping animals can be fun. Starting at home is always the best solution – take your dog for a hike or run, and keep your cats inside and away from danger. Above all, helping animals escape cruelty starts with small steps, such as good health and plenty of quality time. It’s easy to help make a difference in the heart of an animal, and keep to community free of overpopulation and strays.

Volunteering at the KWHS is a great way to get involved in the community surrounding Laurier – plus, your coworkers will probably be less like the cast of Office Space and more like the cast of a Disney film.

Contact the KWHS through their website for available positions; they are very flexible and able to find something to fit your lifestyle. Jump to for more info, or call 519-745-5615