Flower II, Yusuf Kidwai

Most of us have heard that we are sexual creatures from birth. But too often we hold ourselves back from fully expressing ourselves sexually. Why is it that we do this? Sex and eroticism is something that comes by us naturally. Is it because we are shy about our bodies, or that we are ashamed? Or is it because ever since we were little, eroticism and sex were seen as evil and taboo concepts? However, these concepts should be embraced; after all, it puts the beauty in sex.

Embracing one’s eroticism, or sexual self-acceptance, can be a life-long path. Sexual-self acceptance is allowing yourself to experience the feeling of how good your body feels in every way. Whether it be during sex or just dressing sexy and having that confidence in ourselves. Some people feel sexy in pajamas and some feel sexy nude, whatever way it may be, everyone should feel like sexual creatures at least once during their day.

Once one starts to feel comfortable with their sexuality they can start to experience in ways that they never have before. They can experience their bodies in ways they have never before. Try things with a partner, try it by yourself. Even look up things on the internet…I do not necessarily mean porn…I mean lingerie, sex positions, anything that makes one feel comfortable and boost their eroticism.

Some reasons to exude eroticism really prove that being accepting of one’s sexuality is really an amazing thing. The reasons being, having an increased quality of life, personal growth, fulfillment, acceptance on one’s self, a sense of balance and it feels incredible!

There is no way or reason to hide or shy away from eroticism. Sex and eroticism is one of the most amazing ways to feel so good about yourself and make your body feel unbelievable at the same time! In the words of Marilyn Monroe, a very famous sex symbol, “Sex is part of nature. I go along with nature.”