Eat Some Bread

It’s a heart attack waiting to happen.

It’s easy to look at this diet and not see how unhealthy it is. But in reality, the diet consists of only eating fatty foods, which itself can lead to various serious heart conditions. Also the lack of carbohydrates takes away many of the daily nutrients people need to stay healthy.

How can people portray it as a safe diet? Atkins-style Lose Weight Exercise loss makes a person healthier, but with the cost of high fat intake, which may lead to unknown health problems in the long term.

Experts such as Dr. Susan Jebb from the Medical Research Council’s Human Nutrition Research Centre in Cambridge agree. As she said, “We simply do not know the long-term health implications, and it’s such a profound change from what we’re doing at the moment. I certainly think we should be adopting a precautionary principle in terms of public health.”

As I see it The Atkins Diet should not be followed until conclusive research has been done to find out exactly what the long-term effects are of the diet.

One could use the example of the morning sickness drug, Thalidomide, which was used in the early 1960’s. Not enough long-term research was put into the drug. The result was that it disfigured and killed a lot of newborn babies. It may have initially worked but the side effects were catastrophic. It may not have been a diet, but it shows the importance of research or lack thereof. Same thing with your laser-corrected eyes.

Wendy Greenroyd, a long time dieter, disagrees with taking out food groups. They are there to give a person variety in the nutrition they receive. Cutting out carbs can lead to serious malnutrition.

It becomes suspect when a diet tells people not to eat certain types of healthy food. However, in my estimation, diets are all unhealthy and unnatural. Regular workouts and eating healthy are the keys to natural Lose Weight Exercise loss. Nutritional methods are natural which should make them healthier than dieting. Diets to me are like get rich quick schemes. They are just short cuts and a substitution for hard work.

The fact of the matter is that Atkins is still a mystery and until it is finally figured out, anyone wanting to diet should avoid it. In the end our health is all that we have and we should not take it for granted. A fad is not worth losing your life. Just ask the late Dr. Atkins.