A lot of you reading this are probably about to graduate. If not, read this again in a year or two (or three, or four). You have just spent approximately four years of your life at an institute of higher learning. You have probably taken some classes that you enjoyed, some that you didn’t, some that made you think, and hopefully some that equipped you with at least a couple of tools for making the world a better place, in whatever way you wish to do so. You have probably learned a great deal, whether it seems like it right now or not. If you’re not convinced of this, go talk to a first-year in your program and then revel in how much more you know than they do.

So, you know stuff. You’ve learned things. But what have you discovered? Three years after graduating from Laurier, and about to do so again, this is what I’ve discovered lately, much of it from many of you.

It’s okay to take your time, as long as you make the most of the time that you take.

“Productivity” can have a really broad definition if you want it to.

Hard questions might not get clear answers, but they get great attempts.

There are a lot of problems in this world and the best way to feel better about that is not ignorance, but action.

A good support network is the most important thing you will ever have in your life. It is through that network that you will see the results of your actions. That network will feed you, strengthen you, and reflect back to you your own growth and happiness.

You probably have very good instincts. Your friends’ are often better.

Discovery – discovering yourself, truth, others, love, peace – requires open eyes, an open mind, and an open heart.

These are the tools that University, or your time here, has hopefully equipped you with. Take them, and go discover.