Dear Humanity

By Ashley Hynd

Dear Humanity,

I take extreme offense to the socially accepted discourse surrounding my current reputation! I am not all ‘gloom’ and ‘doom’ and ‘hibernation’ and ‘frost’! I am capable of warmth and compassion and love! I bring out the best in you. Connect you. Pull out your kindness with those ugly wool sweaters and the laughter they invoke. I bring out your co-operation! With snowmen building and hot cocoa making and Christmas carolling… but do you ever recognise it? Noooohhhhoooooooo! I am still not good enough for the species who spends the other three seasons destroying the earth! Yet I am the one you associate with bitterness? Storms? Stillness? Death? I am NOT the salted grey you impose into my landscapes. I am the angels that you make upon my back.

Jack Frost