Creativity is Survival

Kill All Artists, Carly Lewis

Creativity is survival. Creativity is human nature. We forget, I think, that we are all creators, every day, all the time. Any time you do, you create. And we are always doing.

Creation is a cycle. An external force inspires an internal force within us, which is then channeled into an external creation. Something we perceive from beyond our bodies through our senses becomes internalized into energy. Internal energy can be ideas and emotions. These internal energies must then be released from our bodies in some sort of creative channel to keep the cycle going.

An idea must be released by creating words, sentences, language, meaning. Emotions must be released by creating tears, laughter, kisses. Internal energy can create abstract and intangible things as well as tangible and physical things. In any case though, that energy must be released from our body, creating something outside of it.

Creative energy must always be flowing, or else we become sick in our mind, heart, or body. Keeping ideas or emotions inside will leave you feeling trapped, limited, restless, unable, and physically ill. Your mind will start to drag you down and become a hindrance. Your body will not do what you will and turn against you. To not create, and to trap, is unnatural and against human nature.

So create. Don’t keep your energy inside. Let it out in words, in conversation, in song, in a dance, in tears, in laughter, in connections, in relationships, in love. Take what the world gives you, channel it, and continue the cycle of creation.

To create. It’s what we do. It’s how we live. The creator is you.