Chronicles of a Lonely Woman

Melnyk, Hannah 2

Illustration by Hannah Melnyk

The first time that I saw you,
My heart, it ran a race;
It only ran much faster
Next time I saw your gorgeous face.

I still can’t believe it—
I thought you were a fighter—
Turns out you’re really just dreamed up
By some fantastic writer.


I was nervous when I met you;
It seemed you liked me a lot.
It doesn’t help my case at all
That you’re so goddamn hot.

I can’t help but think
My fate’s to be a lonely hen
Ever since the day when I found out
That you like only men.


Third time is the charm,
And charming—so you were.
I thought of you all day and night—
You gave my heart a stir.

Perhaps I should have asked before
(“Be careful,” said my mother);
I guess that I should just give up:
You’re married to another.


You are always there for me,
And you let me hold you tight.
I never thought I’d try again,
But I’ve found Mr. Right.

Play all day, cuddle all night—
I’d never have thought of that.
You’re the purrfect match for me,
You beautiful, wonderful cat!