Children Of Piraeus: Never On A Sunday

Pendant, Yusuf Kidwai

(In Greek, translated to English)

From my balcony I send
One, two, three and four kisses to the world
Over the docks of Piraeus fly
One, two, three and four seagulls, I am told

How much I’d love to have
One, two, three and four boys, proud and fine
And when one day they grow up
They’ll be manly and strong
For this precious port of mine

And when I come out of my door
There is no one in the world, there is
No one I don’t love
And every night I close my eyes and I
Sleep and I know
I’ll dream of them just like before

Jewels around my neck
A good-luck charm I carry
Because the night falls and I long
To find a perfect stranger
And seduce him with my song

So much I’ve tried
I’ve never found a port
To captivate my heart
As Piraeus does

And when the night falls
The air is filled with songs
With tunes and sounds and laughter