Car Crash Nightmare

If I complained to you about our North American car culture and my need to escape my automobile dependence. you would say that I’m crazy, that it’s nothing new. You would ask me to tell you something you haven’t heard me rant about before (I suppose I rant to you too often).

I would then wonder if you’ve ever actually bothered to think about how much our “car culture” obsession filters through our popular media. Have you?

“Baby, you can drive my car” but don’t you dare get Fast & Furious with me when I tell you that “black cars look better in the shade.” “You got a fast car” but “I’m in a car underwater with time to kill”… so how about we go Car Jamming in your Little Deuce Coup one day when you’re free and the Days of Thunder have passed us by? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Hod Rod in that Little Red Corvette!

Okay, okay, okay… I’ll stop before you’re Gone in Sixty Seconds.

But the point is that our automobile fixation has filtered its way through our pop media for decades. Maybe new generations will be growing up to “The Little Hummer That Could”.

I will then argue with you that recent gas prices are ridiculous, that we should seriously think about losing this dependency on motor vehicles. But with so much media conditioning, how can we?