Breaking out of the university bubble with class and integrity

Frog Taking Residence in a Pipe, Silvara

On behalf of the Graduation Pledge Campaign

At university we’re presented with an overabundance of ideas and theories, lifestyles, and viewpoints, but what happens when you break out of the university bubble into the world of work? Will you remember everything you learned at school about social and environmental responsibility? Will the phrases ‘fair trade,’ ‘environmental sustainability,’ ‘respect for diversity’ and ‘critical thinking’ stay in your vocabulary?

If you’re graduating and are concerned about staying environmentally and socially conscious when you enter the workforce, consider signing the Graduation Pledge:

Sounds easy enough, right? Signing the pledge is a personal promise to yourself that you’ll make sure the companies or organizations you work for are ethical, and that you’ll work to make any changes at these places that will lessen their impact on social or environmental problems they might be contributing to.

Signing the Pledge reminds students of the ethical implications of the knowledge and training they received at university, and will help lead to a socially and environmentally conscious citizenry and a better world.

No matter what year you’re in, whether you’re a student, professor, or other faculty member, if you’re interested in the Graduation Pledge Campaign and would like to help further the movement, please send an email to Help make the world a better place by making an easy commitment to the values of personal responsibility and care for the earth that you learned during this fundamental life learning experience. We are the CEOs, prime ministers and role models of tomorrow, and if we incorporate these values into our philosophies for the working world, there’s nothing we can’t do!