Breaking It To You

by AC Anonymous

I’m sorry to break it to you
(Your heart, that is),

Love is not eternal.

Let’s break this down:

Firstly, one must consider the Unforgiving implications of the term “Eternal”.
Humar me. Laugh. But, Let’s focus on the missing Os. Eternal and Immortal Represent the Uncountable and Countable Respectively. To say that love is “Immortal” implies, at the very least, A point in time where it began… But Eternal equates to infinity – that is, the total amount of numbers, rather than a number itself.
Infinity is mathematically possible, which equates to “Love overcomes all odds”, Meaning that it will never count to one.
From Zero to One is Countable. But From Zero to Zero Point Is Infinitely repeating, Even with the
imagination of One.
“It fits Somewhere,” Argue the Optimists. Certainly so. But no love will ever know where. I suppose this is what is so profoundly special: We’re all incapable of infinity. We’re all leveled because we’re all the same.
Love is so perfectly human because it evolved alongside us…which leads to:
Secondly, Love is a byproduct of natural selection. It is the ‘emotion’ that gave way to society and eventually, social evolution. If a love could simply survive Mass extinction From some astrological catastrophe, I’d wonder if you’d even call it “Love”anymore?
“It is necessarily so!” Claim the romantics (Perhaps they’d even fool themselves to call it a god).
But “Chance” becomes irrelevant when no one counts to one. The size of all numbers is truly infinite, but all odds are good Because Fortune is a powerful goddess.
If One is both possible and impossible, it means that life and therefore Love is reduced to such an inevitable consequence that even itself be- comes a grain. Growing and Shrinking are exactly the same – you can’t even drop anchor at zero!
There is no wall to hang your veil, your gold, because everything is at. Your eyes are biological miracles, and yet even they are able to limit your love.

Here’s what they see: 0 – 1

…But to find eternal love, you need to count to one.
…But no one can. No matter who you are. You’ll never last forever ago.

Zero point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero…

It is only possible to pause the game – but if you could find it in yourself To rebuke time, nothing would be impossible.
Therefore, Love is nothing but Time. As it should be. Because they need each other.

And that’s why the optimists and romantics aren’t the number of all numbers
In fact, they’re intrinsically linked. Everything is.

So are you countable or uncountable? I’ll give you one hint:

If you want accountability, you’ll never find the one.