Black Lives Matter

In light of recent events, the Blueprint team believes it is crucial for underrepresented or marginalized voices to be heard. To honour the Black Lives Matter movement, we have decided to open up submissions for anyone who has a story to share about injustice or racism.

We understand that this topic is sensitive for everyone, so we have decided to put the following precautions in place to provide more comfortability, privacy and protection during these unstable times:

  • No Censorship:We want your message to be loud and clear. Editing on all written submissions will be minimal. No stylistic changes will be made, and only grammatical and spell checks will be applied, if necessary. We understand that grammar and spelling might be a stylistic choice, and if so, nothing will be changed.
  • Anonymous Submissions:We understand that some authors and artists will feel unsafe using their legal name or social media handles to publish a story associated with this movement. We are giving all contributors the option to publish either under a pseudonym of their creation or to publish entirely anonymously in order to protect your privacy. Should you choose no name, you will be simply be published as “Anonymous”. We need to ask you for your legal name for our own records but the information will not be shared.
  • No deadline:Black Lives Matter is an ongoing issue and anti-racism has no deadline. We also want to ensure that there is no pressure put on anyone to submit their work, even if the previous changes put in place are still not enough to provide comfort, privacy and protection.

Creativity can be a significant emotional outlet, whether your choice of form be a written work such as creative/personal essays, short stories or poetry, or you prefer visual mediums such as drawings, paintings, photography or graphic art. We stand with you and want to hear and see your lived experiences. We hope that these precautions will make submissions easier and more accessible to everyone who chooses to be involved.

Please send submissions to:

Disclaimer: All written and visual pieces will be carefully analyzed to ensure there are no promotions of hate, intolerance or violence toward a particular group.