Bittersweet Memories

Ethels-1-greyscale-Nick Lachance

Photography by Nick Lachance

I woke up in London.
I’ve got money in my pocket.
I’m still alive,
Though I’m not sure if it’s day or night.
There are flashing lights, they make me think of better times.
Lipstick stains on my cheek,
And it reminds me of you.
But you’re as cold as ice, you come as you are;
I no longer patronize.
I accept just who you are.

But now I’m confused.
Is this real life or just fantasy?
How can I decide, when you’re clouding my mind?
I used to be such a quick wit boy.
Now I’m living in a dream about you.

This time, this place;
I just came to dance; to wash away.
Forget that, I can’t stand the way you lie
We can even pretend that big girls don’t cry,
But I saw the hurt inside your eyes.

I hear the ticking of the clock,
It’s been 47 days.
And I still miss the sound of your voice.
So cheers to that, I’d drink to that!
Waste away another day, another night,
popping bottles in the ice,
Standing at the liquor store-
With whiskey coming through my pores.
Here we go again.

I’ve fell right through the cracks,
My happiness no longer lasts.
I’ve made a wrong turn once or twice.
So now memories will have to do,
To bring me back to you.
Guess it makes it easier to bear,
Rather than seeing your face somewhere.