Between Wide Awake and Sound Asleep

Those moments between wide-awake and sound asleep are some of my favourites. I love the blurred semi–conscious state where reality begins to fade away, leading to dreams of what could be. The sunset mirrors these moments with brilliant flashes ofcolour as the sun slowly slips away into the night. If ever humans were to paint the sky in an explosion of colour, this time would be it. Like the beautiful collage of shades of yellow, pink, red, and purple, this is the time when I feel more beautiful than the entire world combined.

For in these moments of semi-consciousness, you are mine, regardless of reality, circumstance, or impossibility. The harsh features of the world around me seem to soften until I am carried away on the shoulders of bliss and relaxation, protected from unknown evils and half–naked truths. These are the moments when I am truly safe, sheltered in my cocoon of barely awake and semi–sleep. These are the moments when I am given reprieve from my thoughts and am able to forget how much you hurt me. This is the time when I truly heal.

The slow awakening of the sun preceded by sparkling shades of colour reflects my awakening, as sounds infiltrate my slumber and I am carefully brought back to life. A stunning
mosaic of colour represents my mosaic of dreams and these dreams, or colours, are a glorious way to welcome a new day. Just as there is nothing like a peaceful sleep filled with pleasant dreams to start the day off right, there is nothing like a spectacular sunrise to begin the day. It’s as though the world becomes reanimated after a brilliant sleep with a dazzling array of colour, and it’s as though I become reanimated after a long rest, right alongside the world. I awaken as a butterfly from my cocoon of slumber, ready to face the day and all of the beauty it entails. But despite the beauty of the day, these moments of sunrise and sunset, between sleep and awake, will forever remain my favourite.