Bashing the Bush Bashers

Okay, so it has been established that George W. Bush is a terrible president. He was elected under suspicious circumstances, has waged a war against the environment, led America into a fruitless war with Iraq simply to propel his own oil interests and move the Industrial/Military Complex forward.

That being said, get over it!

Last year there was a week gone by that I didn’t open the Cord to see at least two or three articles equating the President of the United States with the Anti-Christ. Micheal Moore has made millions off of the anti-Bush sentiment in the states, and if I hear Ben Affleck or Whoopi Goldberg go after him one more time, I am going to go berserk.

I don’t support Bush. He stands for everything I am against. But I also dislike the fact that, even here in Canada, this seems to be the only political issue worth addressing. Not Dalton McGuinty quietly screwing Ontario this summer, nor the rise of the Bloc Quebecois, a development that really threatens the future of Canada. Instead the majority of our political press is about the leader of a totally different country. Before you start calling Bush a dictator, here are some points to take into consideration:

1) Sure, he probably didn’t get the most votes, but the margin was so close that he was able to make it look like he did. When Americans voted, 48% cast their vote for him. If the circumstances had been reversed, the Republican party would probably call foul as well. I see his rallies on the news. I doubt all those people waving flags are forced there at gun point. So remember, he has a lot of support within the nation he leads.

2) He may have lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction to get him into a war with Iraq, but he has never lied about who he is or what he stands for. He got half of the American people to vote for a pro-war, anti-environment, anti-abortion, anti-gay rights agenda. People know what he stands for, and his approval ratings are still pretty good.

When the left wing media, south and north of the border, bombards us with anti-Bush propaganda, it distracts us from other serious issues that we have to address. It also makes those who support Bush more resolute, since many Bush critics come off as a ranting bunch of pinko commies. Criticism from the rest of the world can harden the case that “America has to support the American president.”

So if you want to get Bush out of office, then for the love of God stop talking about him.