Smith, Liz 2

Photography by Liz Smith

You may suffer and you may wonder,
But do not let hope evade you just yet.
On your feet my son,
Hold your head high.
You have seen all that is bleak,
You seem to forget that not so distant peak.
You ask yourself how you lost it all.
Surely you can’t make sense of this.
Your life may be in shambles,
Do not begin to ramble.
No one can aid what you so desire.
Rely not on other people’s fire,
Or else you will still be that same old liar.
Look within yourself.
You’ll find it there.
The realization you need to achieve,
Are you willing to restart?
To abandon all that you know,
In favour of a second chance.
Lose yourself to this ideal,
Then things will start to become real.
Just look in the mirror, and kneel.
A silent transformation you will begin,
Endure this for now,
Painful it may be to watch.
Those soaring memories flying away,
They were more of a burden anyway.
No more excuses.
All rests in your own hands.
At this moment they may tremble,
But do not allow them to fumble.
Your fate shall be held sturdy.
You’re awake,
Reborn with those past mistakes forgotten.
A feeling of purpose you possess,
You understand what is to be done.
No one has trampled this ground.
Leave your mark.
Make sure that it doesn’t scar,
Or I’ll return,
To watch you burn,
Hopefully you will be able to learn.