Any Chimp

Perspective, Nick Lachance

“Why do you like her?” she asked
The first thing I thought of was that you were creative
“What does she do or play?” she asked
I resented that question right away because creativity is not just about doing or playing, is it?
Any chimp can play a scale on a piano or scribble out a few lines and call it poetry
But it’s the way you think, girl
It’s those weird things you say
Those inexplicable drawings you draw
Those connections you make from one thing to another that don’t quite make sense
But then when you explain them the brilliance is pure beauty
It’s a shame you’re not totally comfortable with your weirdness and creativity
Give it a few years
Let it stew and simmer a little
Own it
That’s why I like you
I see ahead a few years
And I’m excited for you
I hope I’m around for it