Image by Jack Rousseau

Whenever I get excited, my body responds by tingling with anticipation and wonder. My body and mind are in complete unison, linked and sedated by my pheromones.
The initial stimulus was the 2 x 5.5 ticket stub. As I ran my fingers along the slick paper, a small uproar ignited in my stomach – the eagerness already too much to bear. Amidst the continuation of my daily routines, my thoughts constantly strayed to that one awaited night….

I welcomed the crisp September evening as the cool air calmed my searing hot skin. The warmth, which generated from deep within me rotated like a wired circuit. My knee-high stockings created a cotton barrier against the fall air, making up for the meager sundress I was wearing.

Standing amongst eager like-minded individuals, I could not help but feel exposed and vulnerable. Do they feel what I am feeling right now? Can they sense how deeply affected I am by the atmosphere?

The desire to stand at the front of the stage caused a collision of bodies; strangers gyrating to create a feasible arrangement. The confined space forced individuals to fit together like puzzle pieces.

Although I craved the main event, I respectfully appreciated the opening bands, their talents being mere foreplay compared to what was to follow. The heat within the venue caused moisture to accumulate across my entire body, dripping down my forehead and causing my hair to coil. Poignant scents of body odor, marijuana and beer encapsulated the venue, an intoxicatingly erotic scent of togetherness.

As the openers stalk off the stage, and the lights dimmer, my breath halts; it is almost time and every person knows it. Over zealous employees check the microphones and tune the instruments, their skillful fingers artfully maneuvering wires guitar and bass strings.

Armed with the release of their newest album, the desperately awaited Caribou assembles on stage. Reacting to their sweet ambience my body shudders with pleasure, vibrating alongside the idiosyncratic melodies. The finalization of their set marked the explosive discharge of my emotions, exhausted yet satisfied, body and mind reposing.