All Day Long


Photography by Allie Hincks

All day long I sit and wait and wish and hope and dream
And when you come along I say, “Come sit and dream with me.”
So we sit on this bench, side by side, saying not a word aloud,
But you, sweet boy, are company of which I can be proud.

We could bike our way to a magical land
Where fish fly through the sky,
Or jump off a cliff and fall into
A needle’s one true eye.

We could run forever on until
We fall off the world’s very edge.
We’d float through space then come back home
By hopping the garden hedge.

We’d climb to the top of the tallest of trees
And emerge in the kingdom of clouds.
We would grab a-hold of number nine
But be off when the darkness enshrouds.

We’d kill a pig, a bear, a dragon
With only a blade of grass.
Then feast on our plunder, like pirates would do
And bathe in Sassafras.

I would turn to you and grab your hand and tell you of hidden love,
And then we would kiss and you would see what I’ve been dreaming of.
So I sit and wait and wish and dream of things that can never be,
Because silent we sit, all day long, just for you and for me.