Africa 2.0


Illustration by Sarah Hartholt

There will come a day
when Africa will hold the wealth of nations
upon the bleached bones of my mothers
the houses of my daughters will stand,
beautiful and peaceful
and my children’s children
will not worry for food or clothes
they will be dressed like lilies of the valley
they will be wildflowers that do not burn
in the heat of heaven’s candle

And Africa will remember
she will bear the scars
of famine and disease
of war and injustice
of the broken cogs of an industry of slaves
and she will be the stronger for it.
Let the heat of her sun fuel the lights
of a thousand cites,
let her young minds break barriers
and pioneer a new world

The wealth of the world is us
Your mind is the hope of innovation
When you invest in a people
There is no end to the potential
that you create.