Watercolour by Shannon Figuereo

What will you wear today?

Your butterfly hairpin can be used to remind someone of the delicateness of nature, or it can be used to stab a friend in the back.

Your diamond earrings can glimmer the sun’s hope, or they can pierce unkindness in a stranger’s ear.

Your frilly pink scarf can provide warmth to your neck, or be used as a tool for the strangulation of ideas.

Your glowing rings can display the status of your heart, or act as brass knuckles in an assault against someone.

Your silver bracelet can hang elegantly on your wrist, or cut off the circulation of thoughts, beliefs, and love.

Your leather belt can keep your composure in place, or harm others and strap them to a pigeonhole.

Your running shoes can protect your feet as you perform good deeds, or they can kick the poor and downtrodden.

What will you wear today?