A Living Force

Photography by Emily Kennedy

The world is evolving, and patterns of change are cycling the systems of environment, sustainability, and human progress. In the coming years, climate change will become the most important subject in government summits, public talks, and manufacturing industries. As the environment reacts to carbon emission and greenhouse gases, we will find difficulties of common existence in the way it affects our earth as a living force in nature.

With the sun getting hotter, the ozone layer getting larger, and the droughts across the world becoming more gruesome, the need for solutions weighs heavily on the carbon footprint our society leaves as a whole. To cut down carbon emissions by 13% gives an everlasting affect on the ozone layer, which has grown in diameter by nearly 100 yards in the last 15 years.

The difficulties with our environmental shift is the switch to advanced economics, which has drastically affected the pollution produced by factories, now holding a 40% emission release on the earth’s atmospheric capacities as a whole. Climate change has associated itself with the largest systematic problem in the last decade, affecting the world in the ways we progress, evolve, and continue on in the modern world. As the environment reaches its full polluted capacity, the changes must advertently diminish the level of emissions and growth, in hope of reducing emissions for the future generations.

The need for carbon tax has appeared to control the mass amounts of civilization who are demanding a change in the pollution of manufacturing, oil mining, car fuels and especially war. To see the light of this political and devastating topic, the world must connect and agree on a method in which safely changes the concerns into a well generated ecosystem that gains solution in the years to come.

The acting framework of climate sustainability starts in our minds, proceeds into the minds of who we teach and presents a formal solution to how we live beyond the grim environment difficulties of our present day. With environment systems comes the progression of economy, leading right into the future of world connection in the balance of equal life, equal breath, and equal presence.