A Life Debauched

Debauchery is defined in Merriam-Webster as “extreme indulgence in sensuality”. Under this definition, I live a life debauched. I indulge in sensuality at every possible moment.

Consider the breadth of this definition: I wake and have breakfast which is such an erotic meal, delightfully sweet, enhanced almost always with strawberries. I shower taking liberties whilst doing so, making a debauched moment with myself, before I pick out clothing from my sensual wardrobe: the texture of silks, wool, linens titillating my skin. I leave the house and feel sensual all day.

Some may not consider living a life enrobed in sensuality as debauchery, but it is. Debauchery can be seized in the taste of a good tablet of chocolate melting against the roof of your mouth, or a shower that is so hot that your skin revolts with pleasure.