A Bowl Full of Brains

By Brendan Fardy

A bowl full of brains, a bowlful of brains
Signal and check blind spots, which lurk between lanes
Commissures link hemispheres, from left and from right
To right and left also, step into the light
With rods and with cones, retinas part eye, part brain
The primary commissure, the pride of the mane
But no lions exist, in the cranium’s core
Just structures aplenty, for lobes there are four
The corpus callosum, makes two halves a whole
But bottomless still, are these brains in this bowl
No white matter here, nor grey matter there
Just candy indeed, but remain aware
When the bowl has been emptied, the candy consumed
When the bottom’s been swept, when the brains have been broomed
A brain still remains, and it’s ripe with potential
Action potential, these axons, they’re mental
Voltage gated, the channels, they’ve waited
But brains are but tools, educate them in schools
And they’ll swim with the sharks, in the depths of the pools
Like dolphins in oceans, perception of motions
Hardwired brains have spinal devotions
From pia to arachnoid, and then out to dura mater
Each meninx protects, meninges shield until later
In this bowlful of brains, these things don’t exist
With candy-fuelled imagination, please peer through the mist
A real brain is great, exquisite, divine
But the brains in this bowl, don’t touch them, they’re mine.