10 Advantages To Being A Laurier Grad Living In China

Hippie Baby, Josh Smyth

  1. Hearing about the WLUSU election scandal from the other side of the world.
  2. Not having to contribute financially to the new Hawk; therefore slightly happy about its return.
  3. When asked to think of a ‘chant’ to perform in front of a large audience of ESL teachers for a competition, I had a wealth of O-Week options to choose from and settled on “P-A-R-T-Y, party hardy woo-hoo Laurier!” (etc.) and subsequently won the competition.
  4. I can finally put all those Global Studies and Political Science classes to use…still trying to figure out how to do so, however.
  5. I can finally put all those Spanish courses to use…if only I was teaching in a country that spoke Spanish…
  6. Eating out now costs $2.00 at a local restaurant rather than $10 at the dining hall (and they throw in the tea and the MSG for free!)
  7. Paying half as much rent for a sweet apartment in downtown Shenzhen than I paid for a tiny room on Albert Street.
  8. Line ups are arguably more efficient if you are able to let go of Canadian etiquette and not worry about personal space (read: push your way to the front), and make Laurier line ups seem tame in comparison.
  9. My student wardrobe is still in full use—a nice pair of jeans are still considered ‘dressing up’ when working at a kindergarten.
  10. Public transportation takes you farther for less money—you can get to Hong Kong in the same amount of time it takes to get to Conestoga Mall!