(We Hope)

indeed, it has been said
that all good things come to an end;
the only question, ’tis true my friend, is time.

even our world ends at some point,
whether we die today, you or me,
or whether we live to see
the big crunch
end us all,
it ends.

and there are those who fall in love,
and so it goes, when love grows
it is – by heaven! – a beauty to behold;
but even these will fade away,
even love will die someday,
and when it goes
it is a sorrow to the soul.

perhaps a flame has grown too hot,
perhaps a wind has blown it out,
perhaps the earth itself was not
a fertile field from which to sprout
the seed of love;
but when love has grown there once
it is a credit to the heart;
so long as love remains within,
love always wins…

for when a good thing comes to its end,
(we hope)
another good thing begins.