In this regard, I feel that a general topic of conversation among my friends as of late has been the overwhelming feeling of separation that is inevitably going to occur in this chapter of our lives, because after all, we won’t all be on that same path. When thinking about the relationships we have developed and the projects we have invested our time and spirit into, this is a pretty hard fact to face. We have all planted some roots, and are continually realising it’s going to be hard to pull some of these roots as we move on to new things. But without exploration, there would be no discovery.

Often it has been proved to us that the best way to discover new things is to just dive in headfirst, however hard and crazy it may seem at the time. Getting your hands dirty, making mistakes, leaving your comfort zone, this is all comes with the territory of the unexplored, but I don’t think that any of this things are all bad. Rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of change, this should be a time of embracing the unknown in the name of discovery. I think it’s time to show your support to those that are close to you for the paths they are choosing to follow, and I encourage you to explore yourself. I’m not necessarily saying it’s time to turn your back and run away from everything you know, but spread your wings and try new things.

How will you know what feels right if you don’t dare to discover?