The Central Bloom

Photography by Emily Kennedy

What is a flower if one cannot see
What this flower may someday be?
A bulb, a shoot, a stem, and one crimson flower
All fuelled by the great sun’s power.
If that star ceases to be, we all shall hear
Screams and shouts in strife and in fear.
As just like the flower under the sun’s power,
The sun, our central star will now, or
In another few thousand years die-off,
And from then-on nobody may scoff.
For unlike the flower, the sun will explode
And rip every person from their cozy abode
Leaving only particles of gases and dust
For the ‘splosion will go right through the Earth’s crust.
And now that this has been said and thought,
I’m glad I’ll live to see the flowers in this pot.