Image by Frances Farmer

So many taboos, so little time. I am not going to intellectualize or quote sources, or even reinforce what I have to say with expert opinions and testimonies, because I consider myself somewhat of an expert. Yes, I just confessed to having sex. In fact, I have had a lot of sex, with several different partners. I am a serial monogamist. In fact, I even have biological evidence to prove that I have had sex. I don’t wear a scarlet letter, but bare the brand of parenthood. If the presence of biological children doesn’t serve as a testimony stating an obvious fact, then I can’t tell you how else you would know unless you were to have sex with me, and see that I have had some experience in this department.

I was sitting and discussing this subject very candidly with a friend of the opposite gender. We feel grown-up and proper when we can sit and rationalize something that drives us mad most of the time. We lust, we crave, we masturbate, we dress to flaunt it, and then we behave in a coy manner any time the subject is breached in a close way. We behave offended when it is brought up without consideration for timing, or if brought up by the wrong person. We use the expression “only if she/he was the last woman/man on earth.” Then secretly, in our bedrooms/closets/public washrooms we resort to our wank-bank and have it out, then proceed with our publicly coy facades.

When we do get what we want, it is sometimes the most mind-blowing experiences that we never talk about. It is the equivalent of landing your dream-job, breezing through a PhD, and winning the Boston Marathon all within seconds. Yet even if we accomplish all of these, we will still actively seek “getting laid on Friday night”. Still, when we do have such a fortunate experience, we tell few, especially if the conquest was of someone about whom we care, or about someone with whom we would not want to be associated. Talk about politics…

I am finishing typing this with a messy hand, and post coital-depression. They always tell you to finish a creative endeavor with a climax.