The Transnational Issue

Volume 13 Issue 5, January 2014


In collaboration with Laurier International, this special edition on the transnational is made with the intent to inspire dialogue, recognize boundaries and borders (including the crossing of them), offer alternative perspectives, and challenge oppressive exclusionary structures with creativity and critical questioning.

Breaking down the term we can begin to understand it more fully; trans points to the “beyond,” to the act of crossing, where national evokes notions of (shared) identity, location, grounding, and particularity. What moves us across, within, and against borders both geographical and imagined? How are our experiences shaped by the surroundings that mobilize or freeze us “in place”? Likewise, how does race, gender, class, or ability impact the emergence and development of our movements, our desire to transcend (and what that transcendence looks like)?
Reflecting on place and body is important for understanding where you are from, where you currently are, and how both of those things productively anchor you, though not without wings. We move and are moved. How can these acknowledgements be future-building? We must develop a tolerance for ambiguity. From the grey area we learn the danger of either/or thinking, our vision becomes sharper. In the grey we refamiliarize ourselves with details robbed of us in an effort to compartmentalize, delegitimize, eradicate. What was once invisible can be seen—backward, forward, sideways, in circles, here, there, outside of, within.
Creativity continues to be an important way to meaningfully resist, voice paths, articulate our complicated relationships to body, land and elsewhere, and redefine the methods and directions of our moving.
We have everywhere to go.

Fiorella Morzi