The Style Issue

Volume 13 Issue 4, November 2013

I surrender to style—to the grease in my hair, the calculation in my bite, the heart of my poetry, and the weight of my sweater. I represent myself, so I become myself.

What do we mean when we talk about style? Is it what we wear, write, cook? Do some people ‘have’ or ‘not-have’ it? Is it up for grabs? What if we threw away all the trendy lists and considered style like we consider power? If we think of style less like a thing and more like an action, maybe our poetry can live outside any preexisting standards of measurement. Maybe our poetry is untouchable because it is necessary for us to exist.

Style is choice, no matter how insignificant that choice may seem to others. If style in particular is reflected in the clothes you choose to wear, it isn’t superficial. Clothing is personal, woven (pun intended) into our expressions. How does eating corn you helped grow make you feel? What came over you when you finally got the words down on paper? Where did you summon the bravery to leave, or say no, or say yes? Style is resistance.

I surrender to style—to my instincts, to my learning.

Fiorella Morzi