The Romance Issue

Volume 15 Issue 3, February 2016

Have you ever been around a friend who’s in a new relationship?
They’re unusually giggly, they can’t stop smiling, and all they want to do is talk about THAT PERSON. And as much as you’re happy for them, you’re counting down the days until the honeymoon phase is over and the cute levels begin to subside.
That’s the context in which we tend to envision the word romance these days—the context of romantic relationships. But considering romance purely as a feature of dating and courtship rituals neglects so much of the richness that the word provides. For instance, if you were to look up the linguistic history of romance, you’ll find that it originally referred to a story about the exploits of a heroic figure. You might also find some mention of the Romantics, a group of poets and artists who were interested in nature and experiencing the sublime.
In this issue, we delve into the colourful history of romance. We bring together a little medieval and chivalric adventure, a bit of wonder, and a hefty dose of love story into a curious marriage to create a copy of Blueprint that is equal parts adventure, intrigue, awe, and of course, romance.
So whether this issue finds you snuggled up with your sweetheart or consulting your copy of Chaucer, I hope it brings you some joy on a chilly winter’s day.

Carina Rampelt