‘Make It Look Trippy’

Photography by Devon Butler

The most important thing I learned at Blueprint was how to make every cover look “trippy.”

Following my year as Managing Editor, I followed my passion for spelling and grammar to the Cord for two more years before I graduated. Once I started working on my Masters at UW, I realized that I missed the media world, and promptly became Web Intern at Alternatives Journal. I really hope I can continue either working on publications as a pastime, or perhaps one day actually take it seriously enough to consider a career (‘cause Lord knows the environmental field ain’t gonna pay my mortgage).

Every time I see the call-out for Blueprint I exercise my creativity, jot some notes on paper, then get writers block. This issue I have a lot on my mind regarding family, as I start my own at my Kitchener homestead, and connect with my extended family more than ever before. But, as you can see from this miniscule write-up: I would rather be making babies than writing about them.

Emily Slofstra was Blueprint’s Managing Editor in 2008-9.