Looking Forward, Looking Back

Looking Forward …

“Home is behind, the world ahead.”
This time around, Blueprint is a hello and a goodbye. It’s fitting for this time of year, as many of us are saying goodbye to our time at Laurier and moving on to new heights.

This is my last issue of Blueprint as Editor-In-Chief, and my last term at Laurier. It’s funny, because when I first got involved with Blueprint in second year I never imagined I’d feel the way I am now. I never imagined that I’d have this home away from home. There’s a melan¬cholic feeling stirring, but also a strong sense of accomplishment and pride in the work that’s been put in over the past year at Blueprint. I’d tip my hat to everyone who has been a part of this creative niche…if I was wearing one.

Today it’s all about looking back on events that make up our past, but looking towards the infinite future that lies ahead. One chapter is closing, but the next one is just beginning.
Everything from this point on is unwritten. You’ve got the pen.
“And there are many paths to tread.”

… Looking Back

Everyone has defining moments in their lives.
First words. Meeting your best friends. Heading off to a new school. Falling in love, falling out of it.
What has gotten you to this point? Where have you been? What have you seen, heard, felt?

Defining moments shape not only who we have been in the past, but who we will become. Some of these may have been filled with tears and heartache, but they are no less important than the moments that filled our hearts with pure joy. They are not mutually exclusive. They do not counteract one another.

This issue is a collection of such moments, whether fictional or real.
Blink, and the moment’s gone.

Jessica Groom