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Office Location

Waterloo Office Our main operations are housed in the Student Publications office, located at 205 Regina Street (across from 202 Regina and behind King Street Residence). Brantford Office Satellite operations of Blueprint are located at Student Publications’ Brantford office, at Grand River Hall (171 Colborne Street), in Room 202.

Editorial Board

Please do not send us press releases for events or products.

Editor-in-Chief: Carina Rampelt


The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for overseeing production of Blueprint on a monthly basis and ensuring all deadlines are met. The EIC hires and supervises the work of all Blueprint staff and volunteers.Please contact with all general inquiries.


Production Manager: Anthony Haslam


The Production Manager assists the EIC in the publication process, designing page layouts using the selected visual and literary pieces. Please contact with inquiries related to the publication’s production process.


Literary Editor: Breanna Kettles

The Literary Editor is responsible for collecting written submissions and editing their content before they are published.Please contact with  literary content inquiries.


Promotions Manager: Alexandria Schneider

The Promotions Manager works with the Distribution team to promote the publication on campus and beyond. Please contact with promotional inquiries.



Art/Photography Manager: Amanda Scheifele

The Art/Photography Manager is responsible for collecting visual submissions and editing the images to that they are compatible to be added to the publication. Please contact with visual content inquiries.


Web Editor: Lydia Mainville

The Web Editor is responsible for the publication’s presence online at, uploading and editing the publication so that it can be viewed on computers and mobile devices. Please contact with web related inquiries.


Brantford Manager: Brittany Bennett

The Brantford Manager is responsible for raising awareness on the WLU Brantford campus by promoting issues and encouraging submissions. Please contact with inquiries specific to the Brantford campus.


Radio Managers: Breanna Kettles and Lydia Mainville

The Radio Manager is responsible for putting together and hosting Blueprint’s radio show with Radio Laurier. Please contact with inquires specific to the radio show.


Brantford Art Intern: Christina Manocchio,


Intern: Erica Parnis

Mailing Address

Blueprint Magazine WLU Student Publications Office 75 University Avenue West Waterloo, ON N2L 3C5


519.884.0710, ext. 3564


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