I was I am

By Mitchell Kooh I was here. Where were you? When day was new and night was long. With waters dark as the void in the eye of the storm. The light breaking. Light dying. And Man walked the earth. Where were you when I laid the foundations? Tell me. When the mourning stars sang together. […]

When You Wish Upon A Satellite

By Breanna Kettles I used to make my summertime wishes on satellites and passing planes. (I thought the sparkly “stars” were more powerful). I knew the rules, and said the rhyme, and without fail… Nothing. To be fair, I always wished for crazy things. Like super powers, or a horse, or to make the school […]


By Rebecca Fletcher Carol’s teacher once said that Orion was a summer constellation, and therefore could not be seen in the winter. Her teacher was an idiot. Lying in a half-finished snow angel she didn’t want to destroy, she found him by the one – two – three of his belt, and traced the form […]

Breaking It To You

by AC Anonymous I’m sorry to break it to you (Your heart, that is), But Love is not eternal. Let’s break this down: Firstly, one must consider the Unforgiving implications of the term “Eternal”. Humar me. Laugh. But, Let’s focus on the missing Os. Eternal and Immortal Represent the Uncountable and Countable Respectively. To say […]

The Changing of the Seasons

by Erica Parnis I fell in love with you in the dead of winter. It started in the chilly half-autumn, half-winter limbo of November, and it grew during the gingerbread haze of December. We were both in and out of other relationships, but it was obvious that there ran between us a stubborn thread of […]

The Great Tale of Sir Gallalot

by Cora Vanessa Haven & Rebecca Fletcher Sir Gallalot knelt by the crystalline surface of the mystic silver pool, lost in desperate prayer. The moon shone down on him, casting his figure in an ethereal light – worthy of his majestic nobility. “Divines!” He cried unto the swirling heavens, “Grant unto me thine blessings that […]

Affectionate One

by Breanna Kettles Death heaved a sigh. One that rattled his body of bones and killed a kindergarten class’ pet rabbit somewhere in Wawa. She had brought him another soul. He’d long-since lost count of how many this made. She killed without bias, knowing that Death would have to return to her to collect the […]


By Hugh Fisher Four walls surrounded us on the wrong side of sanity. The doors continued to sway from my entrance, and with each mesmerizing swing came a thick swell of emotion. It’d been too long since I’d last visited, and yet the room felt as if it were filled with the same recycled air […]

Where to Begin

By Amanda Scheifele Where to begin You just did I just did what You just began No I didn’t Yes you did I was writing about figuring out how to begin And that’s how your story begins The story begins when the actual story begins I don’t think so Yes, I chose where it begins […]

The Trusted Liar

By Alice Flynn I’m going to tell you a story. Well, more like the fourth or fifth draft of a story because writers happen to live in this world where a single ill-placed word will somehow shatter the entire concept of language itself. So we write, and rewrite, and edit, and scrap entire sentences, paragraphs, […]