I was I am

By Mitchell Kooh I was here. Where were you? When day was new and night was long. With waters dark as the void in the eye of the storm. The light breaking. Light dying. And Man walked the earth. Where were you when I laid the foundations? Tell me. When the mourning stars sang together. […]

A Slow Descent Into Madness

By Manreet Lachar The descent into madness, he thinks, is a slow one. It starts when he’s young, looking at the night sky while his mother tells him stories about the pretty stars and hums him lullabies to get him to sleep. Then, all of a sudden, his mother is gone and he tells the […]

When You Wish Upon A Satellite

By Breanna Kettles I used to make my summertime wishes on satellites and passing planes. (I thought the sparkly “stars” were more powerful). I knew the rules, and said the rhyme, and without fail… Nothing. To be fair, I always wished for crazy things. Like super powers, or a horse, or to make the school […]


By Rebecca Fletcher Carol’s teacher once said that Orion was a summer constellation, and therefore could not be seen in the winter. Her teacher was an idiot. Lying in a half-finished snow angel she didn’t want to destroy, she found him by the one – two – three of his belt, and traced the form […]

The Great Tale of Sir Gallalot

by Cora Vanessa Haven & Rebecca Fletcher Sir Gallalot knelt by the crystalline surface of the mystic silver pool, lost in desperate prayer. The moon shone down on him, casting his figure in an ethereal light – worthy of his majestic nobility. “Divines!” He cried unto the swirling heavens, “Grant unto me thine blessings that […]

Dear Humanity

By Ashley Hynd Dear Humanity, I take extreme offense to the socially accepted discourse surrounding my current reputation! I am not all ‘gloom’ and ‘doom’ and ‘hibernation’ and ‘frost’! I am capable of warmth and compassion and love! I bring out the best in you. Connect you. Pull out your kindness with those ugly wool […]

The Final Stair

By Maria Kouznetsova Today, I reached the final stair. I didn’t know it until just now, since I was enshrouded by a fog of immediate concerns, but when I took a minute to look up, I saw before me a door. It was the same old unremarkable door that had been there before—that had been […]

A Memory Buried in Years

By Rebecca Fletcher “Do you ever think about suicide?” Hannah tore away from her tea, and three different thoughts to look across the table. “Why do you ask?” Ian shrugged. “Curious.” The silence of thought fell over the pair, and Hannah returned to her mind, only to find that her previous thoughts had es- caped […]

Lost: Marbles

Missing Marbles Mar Many Minds Mourning May’s Mayoral Mayhem By Breanna Kettles Hundreds, thousands, millions of reports of lost marbles are sweeping the globe as people everywhere are beginning to realize that they, in fact, have not been aware of the location of their marble-based faculties since around the time their life-expectancy was infinity, because […]

My Cheerful Asymmetry

By Lydia Mainville In the waiting room this morning, I heard on the radio that the left side of the face is more expressive than the right because it is controlled by the right side of the brain, which plays a more dominant role in emotional processing. I know it’s not so simple, but how […]