The Isolation Issue

In order to contribute to Blueprint’s upcoming issue, you must submit your work by October, 1st 2020.

Our Isolation issue differs from our regular issues because it will be turned into an activity and colouring book. If given permission from the author, written submissions will be turned into a “fill in the blanks” with a word bank at the bottom of the page. Artwork submissions will be turned into a colouring book image, so sketches, black and white or greyscale art will be perfect for submission ideas. Coloured art will be accepted and those submitting will receive an example of what the colouring book version of their work will look like for approval.

Related Keywords:

  • Confusion
  • Confinement
  • Distance
  • Anxiety
  • Solitude


Written submissions must be in Microsoft Word document form and art submissions must be in high resolution JPEG or TIFF format.

Please refer to our guidelines section for more information on our submission process

We thank you for your interest!

Blueprint Magazine