The Rainbow Centre Issue

Volume 7 Issue 4, March 2008

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This issue marks a new project for Blueprint Magazine. All the content, art, and layout was assembled by co-ordinators and volunteers from the Rainbow Centre. The Rainbow Centre provides a safe space, where everyone is welcome regardless of gender and sexual orientation. They’re a resource centre, a social space, and an organization that works to advocate for and raise awareness of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer) community. I’d encourage anyone reading this to drop by their office in Mac House at Laurier – it’s a pretty special place.

It’s become very easy to be complacent about queer issues. We live in Canada, remember? A happy, peaceful land where same-sex marriage is legal, discrimination is banned, and people are tolerant. Right?

The fight for rights and awareness for LGBTQ people has accomplished some absolutely incredible things. Just think, not so many years ago homophobia was welcomed openly right here on Laurier’s campus. That’s certainly no longer true – but the struggle is far from over. Each of us, regardless of sexual orientation, or gender, has an obligation to confront homophobia and transphobia wherever we find it, even when it makes us uncomfortable to do so. To do anything less is to do a disservice to the immense struggle that many people still face simply for expressing who they are.

We all live in a bubble. Most of the readers of this magazine are university students, living in a liberal space, within a relatively liberal city, in a relatively liberal country. All that liberalism, and still we have close friends that suffer each day. There is much to be done. It starts with a commitment to engage critically with the simplistic conceptions of gender and sexuality that surround us. It ends when each of us can accept the beauty in everyone else. Period. That, I think, is not too much to ask.

Josh Smyth