The Music Issue

Volume 12 Issue 1, Summer 2012

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Imagine riding an elevator in complete silence.

This scenario is highly unlikely as music is literally and figuratively the backdrop and soundtrack to our lives.

Music makes you feel something. What that something is depends on you.

My personal taste in music is varied. My playlist have been known to make ‘hipsters’ and intense music fans protest. Playlists comprised of A-Ha, RuPaul, Hannah Montana, and even the Paris Hilton album shapes my musical life. I am not ashamed of my love of music deemed uncreative and lacking substance, because to me, it has value.

“Music Again” by Adam Lambert is one of most played songs. The song features the line “you make me wanna listen to music again.” The Music Issue made me want to listen to music again. It made me want to discover the new and rediscover the old, to attend concert, to listen to the sounds of the city, and to hear my own song. I hope it does the same for you.

Lakyn Barton