The Danger Issue

Volume 12 Issue 3, October 2012

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Danger is the opposite of safety.

I have frequently felt unsafe. As a woman, a majority of my life has been spent constantly aware of safety, threat levels, and danger. I have walked home at night and clutched my keys. I have avoided people at work. I have silenced myself in class when other individuals voice violent and oppressive opinions.
I could list horrifying statistics about violence and the threat of violence, specifically against marginalized people. The danger people face everyday due to their identities. It is a constant issue in my life, the life of my friends, and the life of strangers I will never meet.

Danger can be threatening everyday, spooky like Halloween, sexy like a mysterious leading man, debilitating like our secret fears, or liberating and exciting, but regardless, we live in a dangerous world.

Lakyn Barton